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Heart Warming Gifts that Change Lives

Give a gift that will make a difference, right here at home!

The giving of gifts is a tradition that goes back in ancient history, and it’s a fact that the act of giving is one of pleasure for the giver. Making a “Gift from the Heart” you’ll take pleasure in knowing that you’re helping children, families and seniors in your community. Your support of our Haliburton County residents who are hungry, ill, alone or grieving will bring heartfelt appreciation. Gifts as low as $20 can and do change lives. Make a difference today!

Food Intiatives

It’s true — children go hungry in Haliburton County. Adults go hungry, too — some are on pensions, some have no income, some are working two or three jobs …
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Woman Greeting Man at Door

Many people don’t know how to make their homes safer, and more energy efficient. Home safety assessments help identify safety, energy and repairs …
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Sad Man

When a loved one dies, the grief can be overwhelming. SIRCH’s Journey Through Grief support groups can help people who have experienced a loss …
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Ensure success in school

No 3 year old should dread going to school, but some do. Little people have the same fears, doubts and insecurities as adults …
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