SIRCH is an incorporated non profit organization with charitable status. Founded in 1989 to identify and meet gaps in social and health services, over the past 20+ years we have developed dozens of community-based programs and services in Haliburton County. SIRCH helps some of the most vulnerable in our county – people dealing with poverty and lacking basic necessities for good health, people dealing with life-threatening illnesses, people we care about who work in our local businesses, pass us on the street, and are part of our community.

Some of our programs involve very dedicated and skilled volunteers. All programs involve intricate partnerships that ensure our services are maximized for the people we serve. Indeed it is only through our networks of people, organizations, and businesses, and through our creative thinking, that we can do so much for so little.

Our vision is to have a community where every member is healthy, happy, able to live up to his or her potential, contribute back to the community, and live and die with dignity. Community involvement is critical to achieving this vision and SIRCH seeks win-win solutions through strong partnerships with all parts of the community, government, and other stakeholders.

Our philosophy, which underpins everything we do, is one of focusing on strengths and competencies. We believe that the unique viewpoints contributed by individuals are what makes us strong and vital. We look for options and solutions that help everyone grow and thrive.

We are proud of the work we have done, and the programs, services and resources we continue to develop and offer. Our innovation and expertise remain the backbone of all that we have done and will continue to do in the future.